Paint the Town! Program

City of Oakland 

This pilot program supports diverse communities’ desires to build and express their neighborhood culture by creating vibrant murals directly on their street. 

I was the project manager for the program in partnership with the City of Oakland's Department of Transportation (OakDOT). I facilitated community design meetings to help local residents design and create street murals that evoke pride and sense of belonging to their local streets. 

The focus of these street murals is to reduce barriers to entry for low opportunity communities and empower neighbors to come together to discuss and develop vibrant imagery that represents local values, cultural charecteristics and the rich legacy of Oakland's unique history.

Visit the program website here!

Earth Team

Earth Team is an environmental non-profit that engages high school students throughout the East Bay. The student’s projects are aimed at reducing litter in Oakland and raising awareness about the effects of litter on our Bay.

Located in East Oakland, the mural design depicts litter running through the Creek and flowing into the San Francisco Bay. The students' goal was to raise awareness about environmental damage caused by littering.

California Hotel-EBALDC

The CA Hotel is a historic landmark where many jazz and blues greats performed. Re-opened in 2014, it now provides 137 units of affordable housing.

Previously, this intersection encouraged cars to speed around the corner where pedestrian visibility was poor. This mural was designed to create a safer space for pedestrians, incorporating a jazz musical theme provided by residents through a series of community meetings. 

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