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Competition Finalist

Given the understanding that council and community forum meetings take time and effort on the resident’s behalf, this application was conceived as a bypass to barriers of engagement. As a resident in Los Angeles, I felt it was crucial to remove barriers so that diverse needs can be identified and implemented. 

Residents have first-hand knowledge and deep understanding of community priorities. This step in the planning process needs to be streamlined and more accessible to those who don’t have the capabilities of attending public meetings. I wanted to create a tool that focuses on transcending community information visually, and removes the divide between professionals and residents.


Using community input to make suggestions for neighborhood improvements through a mobile application in the city of Los Angeles. This resource empowers residents to weigh in on local projects in a personal and engaging way. The user is able to upload pictures from their neighborhood and allows them to draw directly or juxtapose icons to better illustrate their ideas for improvements to their neighborhood.

The app begins with two options: start a new proposal or view existing proposals.  This option highlights the ability for the community to either start a new proposal that they have in mind or to view existing proposals that have already been submitted by the community. 

The user can see whether an idea they have already exists or if it's necessary create a new proposal.  The existing proposals page is in map view, so that the user has the ability to select a region that they are interested in and to stay up to date on their neighborhood’s proposals. 

The 3 categories provide the user a variety of improvements to choose from. These include bike and pedestrian safety. Public art installation or greater emphasis on highlighting a specific neighborhood culture or character. 

The user then has the option to further specify the category by choosing from a list of the following: Pedestrian, Bicycle, Traffic, Public Transit, Landscaping, Utilities, Public Space and Art.

The editing page allows the user to place icons or draw directly on the image they've uploaded to better illustrate their idea or improvement for the neighborhood. 

This helps identify exactly what type of improvement or idea the community member is conveying.  Different options of editing can be selected from the left hand menu in order to choose colors, paint brush styles, different icons, importing text or notes to display on top of the image.

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