I was part of a team of four urban planning students and we entered the APA Smart City Student Design Competition and were selected as a finalist to present at the National Conference in New York in May 2017. 

Smart City designs are large-scale, innovative attempts to use current technologies to solve urban problems. As we began to design our site, we wondered how just a single block in Manhattan could make a meaningful contribution to such extensive goals. 


Our main focus areas include Data, Mobility, Environment and Economic Development. All smart projects must start somewhere, usually on a small scale. 

By clustering Smart Cities projects in a single urban space, innovators can work together and benefit from shared knowledge, resources, and audience.The Chelsea beta hub is a beta test for the City of New York and how it can solve urban problems through smart solutions.

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Concept Ideation & Design, Research Synthesis, Data Visualization, Information Graphics, Diagramming, Formatting & Layout, Deliverable Production

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